Maximize Your B Corp Certification

So you have passed B Lab’s “Social and Environmental Performance Assessment” with flying colors and you have received your B Corp certification. Great! What happens next? At this point in time, you are tasked with maximizing the value of your B Corp certification to get the most out of your organization. Below are 10 tips on how to maximize your B Corp certification to put your business in the best possible position to succeed:

  • Have a plan: Sure you have formed a business plan and outlined how you are going to meet the standards of social and environmental performance to achieve certification but now you have to actualize that business plan. Forward thinking is a must.
  • Promote transparency in your business: Ensure that every member of the team understands what the goal is and how different parts of the team are working to achieve it.
  • Communication both internally and externally: This one is simple. Talk to your team members, talk to B Lab, talk to the community, talk to everyone!
  • Use the assessment results: B Lab’s “Social and Environmental Performance” assessment is not just a test; it is an extremely valuable tool every step of the way. Look at what areas of the assessment you scored low in and figure out how you can improve those areas.
  • Meet regularly: If your team is not meeting on a regular basis, it may be difficult for some parts of the team to know what is being done throughout the company. This can lead to redundant strategic efforts or mishaps between coinciding projects.
  • Form a core team within the overall team: However large or small your team may be, there is a group of team members who are capable of really performing. Identify them and assign them to the more important projects.
  • Always monitor progress: Remember that you are certified now and you need to be forming reports for B Lab to review. Do not forget about these reports and be scrambling for data weeks before the report is due.
  • Never be satisfied: Always be striving for improvement, and never be complacent in the current status of operations.
  • B Lab is your friend: B Lab is on hand to offer a wide variety of resources, including marketing tools, investor relations, and knowledge translation regarding changes in the landscape of B-Corps.
  • Look for root causes: If a problem arises, figure out what caused the problem in its simplest form. This will help to not only solve the problem, but to avoid similar problems in the future.