The Sustainable Business Council of Los Angeles (SBCLA)

SLG President and Co-founder Becki Ueno serves on SBCLA’s Board of Directors and steering committee, and has also served as its secretary since 2012. The SBC provides networking, mentoring, and educational forums to sustainable business professionals in Southern California with the goal of improving operating efficiencies, profit margins, and staff productivity while reducing ecological impact of products and services.


Becki sits on the Board of Directors of HappyCity, a nonprofit that mobilizes, strategizes and organizes happiness and well-being initiatives in Los Angeles. Due to its efforts, Mayor Eric Garcetti’s office endorsed the first ever Day of Happiness on March 20, 2015.

Social Enterprise Alliance (SEA)

Cecily has been a member of SEA’s Board of Directors since 2014. Providing social enterprises with the tools and resources they need to build an optimal environment for success, SEA’s aim is for social enterprise to reach its full potential in service to the common good and as a force for positive social change.

Phase One

Cecily serves as Secretary of Phase One, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting the first phase of clinical cancer research programs, when a drug or treatment is first tested on patients. Since 1999, Phase One has raised more than $15 million in support of these trials and programs

Ojai Valley Green Coalition

SLG attorney Chris Cohen serves on the Board of Directors for the Ojai Valley Green Coalition,a gathering of residents and friends of the Ojai Valley actively working together to create an environmentally sustainable community.

Ojai Valley Defense Fund

Chris serves on the Legal Advisory Committee for the Ojai Valley Defense Fund, dedicated to helping to preserve the environment and quality of life in Ojai Valley.

Social Enterprise Alliance Los Angeles (SEA-LA)

Anastasia has been a member of SEA-LA Board of Directors since January of 2016. SEA-LA provides similar resources and events as the national chapter on a local level.