If a client is considering founding a Benefit Corporation, or B-Corp, and needs assistance with the legal process involved in operating this type of organization, The Sustainable Law Group is in their corner at every step of the way. To become a Certified B-Corp, a company needs to go through a social impact assessment to determine the level of social and environmental performance that the company is able to achieve. This may seem abstract, but it is important to understand the impact that a Certified B-Corp has on the world around it from a legal standpoint.

As a certified B-Corp, we understand what you are going through. We also have a significant presence in the California non-profit community and we use this influence to help clients who are trying to make a difference in this world.

For non-profit charitable organizations that produce less than or equal to $25,000, we offer a $50 discount on all legal fees. For other Benefits Corporations and B-Corps, we offer a 10% discount on legal fees. Member organizations of the Sustainable Business Council of Los Angeles and the Social Enterprise Alliance also receive a 10% discount on their legal fees. We know that finances can be a headache for many non-profits and we want to provide the most accommodating client experience possible.

Overall, The Sustainable Law Group will do anything in its power to bring about high performance and a secure future for any B-Corp or Benefit Corporation that we work with.