Capital markets can be convoluted, and we know that it can be difficult to project long-term ideations of financial status for a non-profit organization. Coupled with the massive amount of regulations placed on the workings of capital markets and the interactions of capital markets with businesses, clients may feel helpless in a sea of uncertainty. Fortunately, The Sustainable Law Group has an expansive knowledge base regarding market based regulations and adherence with federal and state policies that deal with capital markets.

The integration of capital markets into societal and professional operations presents opportunities for so many different stakeholders in the community to secure funding for long periods of time. Non-profit organizations have significant potential to use these markets as a way to attain funding, create jobs, develop innovation, and secure their future, possibly more so than any other stakeholder with access to capital markets. However, when it comes to actually incorporating capital markets into their systematic process, many of these organizations do not know where to start.

Within capital markets are primary markets, which create new securities, and secondary markets, which create an exchange setting for already existing securities. When these two markets interact, the balance between the supply of funds available and the demand for funds is much more even and opportunities for growth are much more frequent. While there are stringent regulations placed on the use of these markets to promote growth, we can help any client understand how to comply with these regulations and put themselves in the best possible position for success and longevity.