How to Gain Confidence in Your New Venture

Often our favorite clients are those that are embarking on a new venture – whether it is their nonprofit passion-project or a new business that will allow them to quit their day job.  The process of starting something new can be butterfly-inducing, keep you up all night and make you feel the weight of everything that you do not know.  This feeling is something that all leaders and entrepreneurs know well and can either paralyze them into inaction or can be the source of creative energy that catapults them to success. The creative energy that fosters confidence can be found in abundance when you look for and take opportunities to share your knowledge with others.  When you start a new venture, you can often forget that outside of this new project (which you are not yet expert at) you are very knowledgeable about many other things.  While you are in the trenches of creating that new venture, take the time to do the things that you are good at and share your knowledge of those things with others. We started the Sustainable Law Group about one year ago.  We both brought significant legal experience to the new venture, particularly in helping others start their own nonprofits and businesses, but the new partnership was indeed a new venture for us.  In the process of creating our venture we had to figure out things like how we were going to bill, a new phone system, creating a new website, and when and how we would grow and hire.  All these things certainly were butterfly-inducing!  However, what turned that energy into creative success was to focus on what we knew we were good at, and then to share that with others.  Over the past year we have both had the opportunity to share with students applying for law school, law students about to graduate, and other attorneys who are just starting out or are planning to leave the big law firm life to hang their own shingle.  We have shared with our colleagues what we have learned about the practice of law, including the things we did before the partnership and how we changed throughout the course of creating our firm.  Our experience of sharing the things that we know and also what we have learned has given us the opportunity to grow in our own confidence and has given us the creative energy to keep tackling the unknown and continue to build our venture. We would love to hear from you.  How do you turn that feeling of not knowing into the creative energy you need to succeed?

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