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Sustainable Law Group’s small business lawyers are passionate about their entrepreneurial clients. Small businesses are the heart-beat of California, comprising 99.2% of all employers in the state of California. A small business is typically defined as a company with less than 500 employees, however the largest share of small business is comprised of companies with less than 20 employees.  Most of our clients are small businesses with less than 20 employees, and we recognize the unique legal needs of our small business clients.

At Sustainable Law Group, our small business lawyers advise our clients to focus on what brings their company a profit. We’ll  handle the legal, giving our clients the breathing room they need by taking charge of time-consuming contract drafting, and compliance with regulations.

In fact, the need to meet legal requirements and oversee proper interactions between business and the law regularly changes for the over 3 million small businesses in the state of California. Every small business is subject to federal, state and local regulation and those regulations change with every new administration and legislative session. Keeping on top of these changes is what we do as small business lawyers.

Whether a solo entrepreneur or a small business with 100 employees, our small business lawyers are committed to making business owners comfortable in every facet of the legal environment, from understanding contracts to complying with corporate governance procedures.

Experienced Small Business Lawyers

Sustainable Law Group prides itself on working with small business clients from all sectors, but has a few specialized industries that it works within including B-Corps and benefit corporations, social enterprises, green businesses, fashion and restaurant clients.

Our small business lawyers are also very talented and experienced in the many areas of the law which small businesses need legal advice in.  Our small business specializations include: employment law, capital raising & securities law, international law, trademark and copyright law, and startup & incorporation.  Learn more about these different specializations by clicking on the links below:

Specialized Legal Services For Unique Small Businesses:

Benefit Corporations are a corporate structure available for California businesses that want to include a social and environmental benefit to their company charter.  These entities have very specific legal needs and our attorneys are experts in forming and converting existing entities to Benefit Corporations along with providing corporate governance and b corp certification counsel.

Social Enterprises are for profit or non profit entities that have a socially beneficial purpose.  Social enterprises have several options for their legal structure and our small business attorneys provide tailored advice to each social enterprise client based upon their mission and goals.  Social enterprises also frequently partner with local non profit organizations and we assist our clients in the contract and negotiation process for those partnerships.

Green Businesses are for profit entities that seek to be sustainable and regenerative in their manufacturing processes, monitor their carbon foot print, and seek to green their offices with modern technology and best practices.  No longer is it acceptable to make a profit at the expense of the environment.  Our green business clients seek legal counsel with respect to best practices and polices to ensure that they are making a positive impact on the environment.

Fashion Industry clients have special needs when it comes to California and local compliance with employment laws, environmental laws, and trade best practices.  Our small business lawyers have years of experience working in the fashion industry, including Peter Bonfante who currently serves as in house counsel to a global shoe brand.

Restaurant Industry clients need our business attorneys to advise them on every facet of their business.  Our small business lawyers advise clients on legal matters such as commercial leases, employment law, federal regulations like the ADA, local regulations including alcoholic beverage licenses and  financing of their restaurant.

Specialized Practice Areas for Small Business:

Employment Law is an ever changing area of the law with minimum wage regulations varying state to state and city to city, not to mention the many layers of regulation from the federal and state level.  Our small business attorneys recognize that employees are at once the biggest asset and biggest liability of any company.  We advise our clients on best practices in employment law to help them maximize their investment in their workforce.

Capital Raising & Securities Law are crucial for the survival of new and seasoned small businesses alike.  Our small business attorneys are experienced in working with our business clients on a wide range of funding vehicles including private loans, private investments, and crowdfunding.

International Law is complex and varies depending upon the treaty relationship the United States has to the foreign company.  Our international law attorneys, including Anastasia Butler work with a wide range of clients that have international law needs whether they are trade or manufacturing relationships, or whether the parent company is based in a foreign company but maintains operations in the United States.

Trademark & Copyright Law affects all small businesses, however many do not take the time to seek trademark or copyright protection at the federal level.  Our small business lawyers, including Chris Cohen have hundreds of trademarks under their management and regularly advise clients on trademark and copyright strategies.

Startup & Incorporation is the beginning of any small businesses lifecycle, and it is important to structure it properly to meet the business needs of the company.  Our small business lawyers advise clients on the best legal structure for our clients based on their goals and needs.  Once the legal structure is determined, our small business lawyers incorporate new entities at affordable flat-rates to make the process as easy as possible for our clients.

Meet Our Small Business Lawyers:

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