Employment Law Services for Employers in Los Angeles

Our employment law attorneys focus on providing employment law services to our small business clients including drafting, negotiating, and counseling clients on employment contracts.  Our founding attorney Becki Ueno has 10 years of experience in employment law.  She started her legal career representing employees in employment class action lawsuits, and has used her inside knowledge into litigation practices of employment attorneys to advise her small business clients so that they can avoid costly litigation in the first place.

Beyond avoiding litigation, our clients seek out best practices and often seek B Corp certification through third parties like B Labs to demonstrate their commitment to their workforce.  At Sustainable Law Group, we believe that our employment law services should reflect our clients’ highest ideals. We ensure that our contracts and negotiation style reflects the mission and vision of our clients.

However, sometimes, despite a company’s best efforts, employment conflicts arise. When our small business clients do end up in conflicts with employees or litigation, our employment lawyers represent clients at the administrative level and also advise on strategies to implement better employment practices going forward.

Our diverse array of employment law services for employers include:

  • Drafting and negotiation of employment contracts, stock option agreements, severance, and retirement plans
  • Creation and revision of employment manuals
  • Development of stock option portfolios
  • Representing employers in wage disputes at the administrative level
  • Negotiate settlement of disputes with employees
  • Advise clients on employment law practices and policies
  • Counsel entrepreneurs on agreements that protect their rights as founders
  • Negotiate severance and retirement packages

Employment law services that guide best practices

An important part of our process at the Sustainable Law Group is to advise our clients as to how our employment law services fit into the broad landscape of employment law and society’s changing demands.  Whether that’s setting up the right structure and legal contracts for a company to maximize their relationship with their employees, handle issues related to wage and hour laws, termination, or preparing for retirement. Our employment attorneys work with our clients to achieve employment law practices that set a positive example in their industry.

Strengthening our client’s workforce through best practices is the ultimate goal. The Sustainable Law Group can help your organization get there.

Meet Our Employment Law Attorneys:

Becki Ueno

small business attorney

Anastasia Butler

Small Business Attorney

Chris Cohen

small business attorney