We’re clear on employment issues… and you will be too

The relationship between employers and employees is constantly changing, and the legal implications are quite diverse.

For most, it’s easy to become lost in constantly changing laws and attitudes around an employer’s responsibilities towards its employees. That’s why an important part of our process at the Sustainable Law Group is to inform our clients as to how their employment issues fit into the broad landscape of employment law and societies changing demands – whether that’s setting up the right structure and legal contracts for a company to maximize their relationship with their employees, handle issues related to wage and hour laws, termination, or preparing for retirement.

Then, we present the available options to the client that best meet their short term and long term needs. Together with the client, we map out the best plan possible.

Our diverse array of employment law services for employers include:

  • Counsel on federal and state statutes and best practices
  • Drafting and negotiation of employment contracts
  • Creation and revision of employment manuals
  • Development of stock option portfolios
  • Representing employers in wage disputes at the administrative level

With respect to employees, we:

  • Counsel entrepreneurs on agreements that protect their rights as founders
  • Counsel all levels of employee’ on their legal rights
  • Negotiate employment agreements
  • Negotiate severance and retirement packages

We know what a strong workforce looks like

In the federal and the state regulatory space surrounding the employer-employee relationship, strengthening the workforce through meeting and exceeding legal standards is the ultimate goal. The Sustainable Law Group can help your organization get there.