It’s more important than ever to be green

The explosion in demand for natural and eco-friendly products and services is not just a fad, it’s big business that only continues to grow. Recent polls show that nearly 90 percent of American consumers consider a company’s environmental and social practices before purchase. Environmentally minded entrepreneurs benefit from consumer loyalty and can make a positive impact on causes that matter.

Supporting those who practice what they preach

The Sustainable Law Group assists green businesses that are sustainable, transparent, and fully engaged in considering environmental and social impact across the globe when making business decisions on every level. From growers, suppliers, and manufacturers to distributors, contractors and employees, every stakeholder must be valued and treated in a fair and humane manner.Β  We encourage all clients to demonstrate commitment by converting or forming a Benefit corporation.Β Our services to green businesses include advice on proper consumer protection laws and how to ensure that any claims are backed-up by evidence. From California state regulations to international protocols, SLG will be there every step of the way to ensure your business is compliant.