Experienced and Affordable Non Profit Lawyers

Our Los Angeles and Ojai non profit lawyers have years of experience serving and providing legal advice to a wide range of non profit organizations.  Our founder Becki Ueno has over two decades of experience working with non profits in every capacity – from board member, to director, to lawyer.  In fact, every attorney on the SLG team has years of experience serving on boards of directors and as officers for non profits, and this translates into valuable counsel for all of our clients.

Not only are our non profit attorneys experienced, but our clients are often pleasantly surprised at how affordable we are.  We work within our client’s budgets to ensure that they get the legal advice they need without causing stress to their already tight budgets.  Our non profit lawyers offer budget friendly options including:

  • Flat rates for incorporation and tax exemption ($2,500 for clients that qualify for the 1023EZ application, and $3500 for regular non profit formations),
  • $50 per hour discount on hourly rates for our non profit clients with revenues below $25,000 per year; and
  • $150 flat-rate 30 minute counseling sessions for DIY non profit clients.

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Wide-Ranging Non Profit Legal Services

As nonprofit attorneys, we see our support of non profits as one of the most important jobs we do every day.  We work with foundations, public charities, political organizations, religious groups, and clubs.

From startups operating on a shoestring to organizations with multi-million dollar budgets and decades of legacy, we provide l wide-ranging non profit legal services including:

  • Tax exempt status under 501(c)(3), 501(c)(4), or any other IRC code.
  • Tax regulations
  • Board governance
  • Drafting of contracts with vendors and employees
  • California and IRS fundraising and conflict of interest regulations
  • Fiscal sponsorships

Our nonprofit lawyers are experienced in all stages of a non profit organization’s lifecycle.  Regardless of what a non profit’s legal needs are, our attorneys will provide the best solution.

Modern Non Profit Organizations Lawyers

Our non profit organization clients are modern and innovative.  Not only are they progressive with their approach to solving the world’s most pressing issues, but they are also savvy when it comes to funding their charitable cause.  Many of our non profit clients are Social Enterprises, or non profits with a business service or product that furthers their charitable purpose.  The laws and regulations that govern non profits with business revenue streams are tricky. Our non profit attorneys work with our non profit clients to ensure that their financial model is not only legal and ethical but works for their specific charitable purpose.

In addition, many of our clients that seek to make a positive impact with their organization find that they can do even more good as a for-profit entity – like a benefit corporation. Our non profit attorneys advise our clients on the best legal structure, whether it is a non profit, benefit corporation, social purpose corporation or another form all together.  What is most important to us at the end of the day is that the legal structure serves to support and enhance the founders mission.

SLG Local Non profit Lawyers Advise on Best Practices

The non profit attorneys at SLG pride themselves on working with the most inspiring local Los Angeles and Ojai based non profit organizations.  Each of our clients are unique and range in their charitable missions: everything from private schools to environmental organizations to religious organizations.  The one thing that our clients do have in common is that they seek our legal counsel so that they can be leaders in their field and in their communities, using best practices in every aspect of what they do.  For example, our client Kiss The Ground has become a leader in climate change and regenerative agriculture.

In addition to advising our non profit clients on best practices, our SLG attorneys are regularly asked to speak at conferences and events on a wide range of topics relevant to non profit organizations, benefit corporations and social enterprises. We also regularly blog about current issues in the nonprofit world.  There are many ways to stay up to date on nonprofit topics we write about.

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