Helping non-profits make a difference

Much of what has been done to promote social good in this country has long been due to non-profit institutions.  We at the Sustainable Law Group see our support of nonprofits as one of the most important jobs we do every day,whether the work is for foundations, public charities, political organizations, religious groups, or clubs.

In fact, every attorney on the SLG team has years of experience serving on boards of directors and as officers for nonprofits, and this translates into valuable counsel for all of our clients. From startups operating on a shoestring to organizations with multi-million dollar budgets and decades of legacy, we give guidance to nonprofits on issues such as:

  • Tax exempt status under 501(c)(3), 501(c)(4), or any other IRC code;
  • Tax regulations;
  • Board governance;
  • Drafting of contracts with vendors and employees;
  • California and IRS fundraising and conflict of interest regulations.