The Triple Bottom Line: People, the Planet and Profits

More and more businesses and nonprofits are incorporating a social mission into their core purpose without which the entity would not exist. As social enterprises, these organizations are obligated to consider people, the planet and profits – the triple bottom line – when it comes to strategic and financial decision making. SLG assists established and new social enterprises navigate the unique legal issues that arise from a mission-driven company. This may include everything from advising on the formation of a hybrid entity, a nonprofit or for-profit subsidiary, or a benefit corporation.  It could even include drafting agreements for co-ventures between nonprofits and for profits that will help a business fulfill its mission.

The Structure That’s Right for You

Whether it’s a for-profit or nonprofit, we find the perfect structure for each individual client based on unique needs.  This may be a:

  • Public benefit corporation;
  • Mutual benefit corporation;
  • Benefit corporation;
  • Social purpose corporation; or a
  • Cooperative corporation.

Become A [B]

We can help to restructure your organization to enable you to join us as members of the truly dynamic B Corp community. It’s not only rewarding to see the valuable information that comes from tracking your impact, but also because of the incredible support that the B Corp community offer to one another.

In order to become certified, your organization must:

  • Meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance;
  • Earn a verified score of 80 points on the B Impact Assessment;
  • Change bylaws to expand legal responsibility to include the interests of workers, community, and the environment.

If you are interested in becoming a certified B Corp, we encourage you take the Quick Impact Assessment as your first step!