Protecting your legacy and the people you love

The establishment of an estate plan that protects your family is of absolute importance for their future and your peace of mind.Β 

With a strategic approach and a careful analysis of all moving parts in the process, Sustainable Law Group assists in structuring and drafting the appropriate trust documents, wills and advanced directives, as well as powers of attorney and transfer deeds for real estate.If and when the time comes, we help your survivors carry out your wishes without delays or complications.

We help you address issues including:

  • Naming beneficiaries to your estate and deciding who will receive which assets
  • Appointing an executor to your estate
  • Designating a guardian to your minor children
  • Deciding who will make medical and financial decisions should you become incapacitated

We protect your business too…

Sustainable Law Group also specializes in working with business owners to create secession plans and buy-sell agreements that designate who will take over the business should the owner pass away or become incapacitated.Β  We also help address the dividing of business assets between family members and other heirs.