Should I be a Nonprofit Worksheet


We are constantly asked by founders whether they should choose a nonprofit or for profit in pursuing their mission based enterprise. The following is intended to assist potential nonprofit founders to create a preliminary business plan and hopefully help in making the choice between for profit and nonprofit! 


  1. What purpose will be served?



  1. Does a need exist?



  1. What community will be served?



  1. What other organizations, if any, already serve similar purposes?



  1. What is the commitment and staying power of the organizers and participants?



  1. What funds are available?



  1. Who will administer the enterprise on a daily basis (if necessary)?



  1. Are qualified and interested directors available?



  1. Are the directors willing to make the commitment necessary for a successful enterprise?



  1. What is the projected budget?



  1. How will the necessary resources be raised?



  1. What are the long-range plans for financing the enterprise?


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