There are countless resources provided for prospective business owners on the World Wide Web. While books and other types of written material are helpful, Internet resources are quickly accessed, easy to understand, and overall quite plentiful. If an individual is setting out to form a B-Corp, the plethora of resources on the Internet need to be consulted in order to successfully plan the structure of a B-Corp, whether he or she is seeking B Lab certification or not.

So many different websites can help prospective B-Corp owners achieve their goals. First, is a handbook that provides anything and everything one should know about a B-Corp. With a diverse array of resources like videos, articles, lists of currently operating B-Corps, and all types of media surrounding B-Corps in the news, users can get an idea of what a B-Corp is and how B-Corps are operating in the world today. If an individual is not planning on starting a B-Corp but wants to figure out how to get involved in the B-Corp community, this site has a B-Corp Job Board for anyone who is in search of employment at a B-Corp.

A second important online resource is the B Lab website. For those in search of help developing a Certified B-Corp, understanding the B Lab guidelines and standards is crucial. The site has information about the performance assessment, building your businesses, resources for business development, and much more.

An additional resource that is helpful for anyone involved in the B-Corp community is a report formed by the Network for Business Innovation and Sustainability (NBIS). The report approaches B-Corps from a unique perspective, asking questions like “why do we need a new type of corporation?” and “what are the benefits of being a B-Corp?” It is informative, insightful, and will help anyone gain an understanding of the B-Corp itself and the B-Corp’s role in the business sector.

There are many more resources out there, but starting with this collection is a step in the right direction.