SBCLA Industry Achievement Awards: A Night of Collaboration

Last Wednesday was a very special night – hundreds of entrepreneurs, activists and thought leaders came together to celebrate the best sustainable businesses of southern California at the Sustainable Business Council of Los Angeles 2nd Annual Industry Achievement Awards. We would like to congratulate this year’s winners in each of the seven categories:

Lifetime Achievement in Sustainability Award: Cisco Pinedo, Founder, Cisco Home

Lifetime Business Achievement Award: Ralph Grogan, President and CEO, Bentley Prince Street

B Corp. Award: Erbaviva

Sustainable Small Business Award: EcoSet Consulting, LLC

Sustainable Business Award: Solar City

Best Public Advocate for Sustainability Award: Jessica Aldridge, Executive Director, Burbank Green Alliance

People’s Choice Award: Sustainable Restaurant: Café Gratitude

Our Attorney Becki Ueno had the honor of presenting the keynote speakers and MC’s of the evening: Mariel Hemingway and Bobby Williams. Mariel and Bobby spoke about how important it is to live a sustainable life from the inside – out; that each of us has an innate knowledge about how to create a healthy life, one imbued with love and adventure. We particularly love this message, because it is something that we can use in our daily lives and in the business world. (We wrote in an earlier post about gaining confidence in your business ventures through tapping into the knowledge you already have. If you missed it, you can read it here.)


We were also brilliantly inspired by each of the award recipients – each of them has an incredible story to tell about their work. Each of them also, humbled in their moment, gave thanks to all of the community members, co-workers, and heroes who helped them make their goals a reality. To us, this is the most important part of any awards ceremony: to recognize that we all conspire, collaborate and inspire each other to make the positive change that we seek in this world. And, at the end of that night, we were grateful for our ever-growing community of social entrepreneurs, green businesses, activists, thought leaders, and dreamers, all of you who have joined us in the sustainable business world.

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