Sustainable Law Group Goes to Washington!

This week Sustainable Law Group joins representatives from the Social Enterprise Alliance Los Angeles Chapter to visit with Congressional representatives and their staff to encourage their support for H.R. 2043, the Social Enterprise Ecosystem and Economic Development (SEEED) Commission Act.  Rep. Cicilline (D-RI) introduced the SEEED Act in May 2013 and Rep. Schiff (D-CA) is the first member of the Los Angeles Congressional delegation to co-sponsor the bill.

The Act proposes the establishment of a Commission on the Advancement of Social Enterprise to:

  1. Examine and made recommendations on ways the federal government can support and partner with social enterprises
  2. Identify ways the federal government can collaborate with and support social enterprises, and
  3. Develop recommendations on capacity building opportunities for social enterprises, including:
    a. Loans
    b. Debt financing
    c. Grants
    d. Procurement opportunities
    e. Amending the Tax Code and establishing tax incentives and credits for nonprofits

We are excited that our first Capitol Hill advocacy efforts are directed to supporting the SEEED Act.  We have seen firsthand how systemic changes can help organizations use entrepreneurial activities to make substantial, positive impacts on their communities and the environment.  Stay tuned for an update on our SEEED Act advocacy.

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