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The B(EST) Audit You’ll Ever Have

To most, the notion of being audited is daunting. But when we heard that B Labrandomly selected us to be one of the lucky 10% of the world’s B-Corps to be audited this year,we welcomed the challenge.

B-Corp certification for a company is the equivalent to what organic certification is for your groceries.  B-Corps are certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet “rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.” The crux of being a B-Corp is taking the B-Impact Assessment every two years. This self-assessment offers companies metrics to determine if they are utilizing the best practices in their industry for their employee, community, and environmental impact. The B-Lab auditing process simply ensures that B-Corps are in compliance with their self-assessment results. In preparation for the audit, companies are given an opportunity to further delineate their assessment results and day-to-day functions. The folks at B-Lab then visit the company for an on-site audit review. Once the on-site review is finished, B-Lab provides the audited company with an evaluation on both areas of success and areas of possible improvement in accords with B Lab standards.

This was our first time being audited by B-Lab and honestly we weren’t quite sure what to expect. Fortunately, Elizabeth and Katie (our B-Lab Standards Analysts) made the whole process seamless and educational. After a tour of the SLG headquarters and facilities, we collectively evaluated our company’s environmental and social impact as well as discussed what the future holds here at SLG. During the course of the conversation, we also learned about the initiatives of other local B-Corp leaders like Essential Living Foods Inc. in Culver City and Simply Straws in Costa Mesa.In the end, the audit reaffirmed our belief that alignment with B Lab standards in fostering creativity and sustainability is the best tool for us to remain both an ethical and successful social enterprise.

So if any of our B-Corp clients out there are one of the lucky 10% in next year’s audit, get excited – not nervous! We promise it will be the B(est) audit you’ll ever have!

If you have any questions about becoming a B-Corp or preparing for your B-Corp audit, please email us at info@sustainable-lawyer.com or call (310) 883-7923.

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