A Law Firm Built on a New Model

The Sustainable Law Group, P.C. [SLG] is a different kind of law firm. We represent clients that seek positive social change and strive to maintain the highest ethical standards, just like we do. Whether social enterprises, green businesses, or charitable nonprofit and for-profit organizations, our clients inspire us to help them become the best that they can be.

Integrity, Trust and a Sustainable bottom line

We were founded as a social enterprise law firm with a ‘B Corporation’ charter, enabling us to factor the good of the planet into the decision-making process.  It’s not that we don’t like profits, it’s that we insist that profits are made in a sustainable, transparent, and responsible way. As a group and individually, we are dedicated to our pro bono efforts and community involvement, and we have always pushed for change in the legal world.

A Focus on the Long Term

Experienced in nonprofit and for profit formation, subsidiaries, hybrids, collaborations and co-ventures between for profits and non profits, employment law, and corporate governance and compliance, we are always concerned with the long-term sustainable success of our clients as opposed to short-term gains. With matters relating to conflict, we do not engage in ‘scorched earth’ tactics, and we always work professionally with opposing legal counsel. We very much appreciate our status as the only law firm of its kind in Los Angeles, yet our hope is that someday soon an entire sector of the legal community will be operating as we do. Join us in making this possible.