The B-Corp is a unique type of business, but is there any real significance to a B-Corp? In the twenty-first century, where there are corporate giants and other lucrative businesses that control the United States’ business landscape, do they really matter? The answer to this question is undoubtedly yes.

A B-Corp is founded on the sole principle that there is much more involved in its operation than simply the wellbeing of the company itself. B-Corps are dedicated to improving two of the most important facets of our existence; the physical environment around us and the organization of societal structure. With these goals in mind, B-Corps are contributing to the development of a better place on this Earth. It is not common that a group of individuals converge on the starting of a business with societal and environmental improvement taking precedence over financial gain and profitability. Nonetheless, as the realization is made that there is much do be done in the social and environmental space, the B-Corp is becoming an institution in the business sector.

Unfortunately, we see an increase presence of environmental degradation, disparities in socioeconomic status, lack of access to healthcare services, and many more negative components of our country’s overall infrastructure as time passes on. Aside from the various government-affiliated organizations dedicated to solving these problems, it is extremely powerful to have entities in the private sector fighting for the same cause. B-Corps are altering the framework of business practice worldwide, and these companies have relatively unprecedented capabilities regarding change and progress.